Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost Ready!

Christmas is little more than a week away!! Lots to do and so little time to "git 'er done!" There's lots to love about this time of year!

1. Non-stop holiday songs on the radio.
2. Freedom to wear all of my tacky Christmas sweaters
3. International Delights Vanilla Rum coffee creamer
4. Hanging Christmas lights on everything!
5. The smell of the Christmas tree
6. Ringing the Salvation Army bell with Rene every year
7. Digging out the ornaments and decorations packed away about which I'd forgotten
8. Christmas parades
9. Christmas cartoons on television
10. Listening to the kids at school get so psyched about Santa
11. Eating Christmas cookies
12. Decorating the house
13. Christmas Eve with my family
14. Getting Christmas cards (especially the ones with enclosed photos and bragging letters)
15. Trying to stay awake until midnight on Christmas Eve to see if animals really can talk but falling asleep with all the Christmas lights burning

All of the nutcrackers are out and about throughout the house. These guys stand on top of the armoire and guard me while I sleep (or try to sleep)
These fellows are on sentry duty in the window in my bedroom to keep the cats at bay!
The ice palace
The house is decorated and the tree is up. If only the shopping was done....
The cats do love to sleep in the lighthouse village.

Luckily, Santa paid a visit to Katie already. Click on the link to see what he has to say! (It is a bit slow to is needed)

Santa also visited Emily.

I hope Santa is GOOD to you!