Monday, November 29, 2010

Absolutely Extremely Poor Taste Posting!!

The Thanksgiving holiday and impending Christmas season are lots of fun...if you are a kid. Unfortunately, being a "grown-up" means trying to make those holidays fun and memorable for the kiddos. Now that the kids are grown and going, going, gone from home, my role seems to be changing. I've gone from the "not to be questioned dictator" to more of a supporting role in party planning and social coordinator. I'm having trouble refining my style of motherhood... Of course, a Google search to find some motherhood role models led to mixed results. See for yourself!

It is this the mother I should morph into? Thrifty and concerned about serving wholesome and natural drinks to her children and their friends?

Nope, that IS NOT ME!

How about this mother? Youngish, trendy and self-assured?

No, but wouldn't that give Katie's male friends a chill if I tried that on them the next time they plunk down at my kitchen table!

Hopefully this isn't what they think of me!

Well, what do YOU think?