Thursday, November 18, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For!

When I found my poor paralyzed and half dead Kramer in the garage, my only wish was that he would be pain free and become mobile again someday. I'm happy to say that he has made a spectacular recovery. Yes, he still limps and is content to take long naps. I've enjoyed having him back in the house and was happy to have him regain his status as full-time housecat...until tonight. Now, the reason Kramer lost his standing as Numero Uno Housecat is his little habit of spraying everything in sight. It seems to be a psychological issue that has something to do with me. He feels the need to spray everything that I touch. He sprayed many things, but when he sprayed the scrapbook that I was working on, WHILE I was working on it was the final straw, out he went. Now, several years later, he's back in the house and back to his old tricks. Tonight, while I was rushing around to head out for the evening, he walked out to the kitchen to see me, looked me right in the eye and totally drenched the closet door. Arghhhh...back to solitary confinement in the bathroom for our Kramer. Do they make Depends for geriatric old cats?