Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Guess Nobody Said Life Would Be Fair

As a mother and a teacher, the story of Zahra Baker has touched my heart.

This little girl's teacher noticed bruises and unusual injuries and notified the proper authorities. All people who work with children are mandated reporters, and we all walk the fine line of getting people angry for interfering in what they think is their right to discipline or not reporting and allowing the child to continue to be hurt.

Zahra, a cancer survivor was forced to use a prosthetic leg and hearing aids due to her illness. She survived cancer but couldn't survive her pathetic excuses for parents. She was reported missing by her parents October, 9. They reported that they had last seen in her bed at their home in Hickory.

After writing bogus ransom notes, they became suspects in her disapperance.

The mystery behind the death of the 10-year old, disabled Zahra Baker intensified after more remains was uncovered five miles away from where one of her bones was found. The new found bone, was discovered in some brush alongside Baker's prosthetic leg, in an area near where the family lived until mid-September. The Police had already established that she was killed, but the new find has deepened the mystery further.

"I've been dreading this moment from early on in the investigation," said Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins, who announced that investigators had successfully matched the bone with her DNA. "We have recovered enough physical evidence to think we have found Zahra."

I'd like to invite those weak and pathetic parents to go on a nature walk in northern Wisconsin next Saturday. I'll provide them nice warm brown fleece jackets with cute little white mittens to flash!